Dexis is on a mission to help solve today’s most pressing global political, social, and economic challenges and create a world where all people are safe and prosperous. To promote stability, resilience, and prosperity we target five sectors: security sector assistance, conflict mitigation and stabilization, governance, agriculture and economic growth, and global health. 



Learning and Accountability


We are a leader in data collection and analysis to increase program accountability, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of U.S. foreign assistance resources, and advance program learning and outcomes.

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Professional Services


Dexis Professional Services (DPS) provides the right people, responsive systems, and specialized expertise to support our clients’ most critical engagements. 

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Project Implementation


Dexis provides adaptive management to deliver high-quality, tailored project management solutions for the U.S. Government and private clients overseas and domestically.

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Conflict Mitigation and Stabilization


Analytics and local solutions for adaptive and agile programming in conflict-affected areas around the world

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Security Sector Assistance


Ensuring effectiveness and accountability of security sector assistance and security cooperation

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Strengthening institutions and communities to engage citizens, deliver services, and advance civilian security and prosperity

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Global Health


Supporting improved design and implementation of global health programs

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Agriculture and Economic Growth


Integrated, market-driven solutions to promote food security and economic growth globally

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