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Performance Management for Global Development

Third-party monitoring is important in conflict environments, where it can be particularly difficult to know if programs are effective and resources are reaching their intended recipients. Through our recent work in Syria we've found several ways to make third-party monitoring in conflict environments more effective.

Whole-of-project evaluation (WOPE) is a term that we are starting to hear more and more but is often misunderstood. Is it just a trendy new term for a performance evaluation? Or is it something different that we haven’t quite figured out yet?

Small and medium-sized aggregators (a market intermediary), and raw material processors face many challenges in establishing a market for their products. All too often, in a developing economy, these aggregators do not have the information nor the technical skills and financing to produce a product to meet the needs of food manufacturers, particularly for export markets. As food markets become more sophisticated with regulation and food safety issues, the problems of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) supplying distant countries have multiplied and become more complex.

Five accomplishments of our most proud accomplishments from the CTP team.

Founded by a new generation of global practitioners, Dexis strengthens management systems that are essential for economic prosperity and better governance.

Our Firm

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Dexis Consulting Group strengthens management systems for the U.S. Government and across developing economies. Since our founding in 2001, Dexis has provided monitoring and evaluation, program management, institutional support, project implementation, and training solutions to address some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Committed to our mission of providing innovative management and technical solutions for a secure and prosperous world, Dexis provides U.S. Government agencies, missions, and multilateral clients with rigorous project implementation, learning, and performance management solutions. Dexis supports foreign policy and foreign assistance initiatives through three lines of service: agriculture; monitoring, evaluation, and learning; and mission and institutional support.



Based in Washington, DC with field projects and networks in Africa, Asia, Europe & Eurasia, Latin America & the Caribbean, and the Middle East, Dexis has mobilized over 400 professionals in some of the world’s most challenging environments. From Afghanistan to Zambia, Dexis combines first-rate management systems with country specific knowledge.


Our Work

Dexis strengthens management systems in developing economies and the social sector by building the capacity of local civil society, designing and evaluating performance metrics, and scaling impact through public-private partnerships. We provide subject matter expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for all our work.