USAID/Jordan Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning Activity


USAID/Jordan is working with the Jordanian government to create strategies for broad-based political and economic reforms to increase prosperity, accountability, and equality for a more stable and democratic Jordan. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) forms a critical component of USAID/Jordan’s development approach. Through rigorous M&E efforts, USAID/Jordan will assess and improve the results of programs, justify assistance resources with empirical evidence and data, and demonstrate a commitment to accountability and transparency. The Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning Activity provides technical assistance and services to USAID and local stakeholders through an integrated and forward-looking Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Framework.


To support USAID/Jordan’s monitoring and evaluation efforts, Dexis, through a subcontract with Kaizen, is providing technical assistance and services to USAID and local stakeholders to build a culture and strengthen systems within the Mission, implementing partners, and local non-governmental organizations for evaluation, monitoring, strategic assessment learning, and adapting. Further, the Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning Activity is building the capacity of local MEL partners through a ‘Learn by Doing’ approach. The Activity’s approach is multi-faceted and includes supporting USAID/Jordan to design and implement evaluations and monitor programs, establishing a MEL community of practice, and developing a locally available cadre of experienced professionals and firms to deliver M&E services.


  • Despite travel restrictions and a lockdown in Jordan due to COVID-19, the Monitoring Evaluation, & Learning Activity was able to successfully staff the team and move into its state-of-the-art office in Amman, Jordan.
  • The Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning Activity started two assessments for USAID Jordan, including the Financial Reform and Public Financial Management (FRPFM) Evaluation and Assessment and the Street Naming Building Numbering – Local Economic Development (SNBN-LED) Assessment.
  • The Activity has successfully provided the first session of a five session training series to the Jordan Ministry of Youth focused on the Ministry’s Activity Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Plan.
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