Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs Support

Supporting programming in complex and evolving implementing environments.


As the principal agency responsible for U.S. Government development assistance in Afghanistan and Pakistan, USAID operates in a complex interagency structure, requiring close coordination with the Departments of State, Agriculture, and Treasury, and the U.S. military. The Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs (OAPA) manages USAID’s complex and varied programs in health and education, economic growth, and securing regional trade and stability. Working with the OAPA Bureau requires constant attention to the most pressing foreign policy issues, the ability to respond to constantly evolving national priorities, and the capacity to address key administration and congressional development goals.


Dexis provides crucial operational, technical, and programmatic services to assist the OAPA Bureau and USAID missions in managing their programs in Washington, D.C. and overseas. Dexis’ work emphasizes managing large, fast-moving development, reconstruction, and rehabilitation activities, as well as other high-priority country programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries as needed. Dexis’ support also includes administrative, communications, legislative affairs, financial, and budgetary assistance. We apply our significant experience operating projects in complex environments to ensure the success of activities, including managing the delivery of educational materials, public communications and outreach, and health and nutrition services.


  • Planning, monitoring, coordinating and reporting on office and mission program activities.
  • Providing logistical and support services for Afghanistan and Pakistan Missions.
  • Advising on programs of humanitarian response, emergency measures, and natural disasters.
  • Analyzing development indicators and trends for program design and strategy development.
  • Maintaining records, security schedules, and covering administrative responsibilities.
  • Drafting background papers, talking points, and written statements for mission leadership.
  • Supporting the Bureau and missions with financial management and budgetary operations.
  • Spearheading change management exercises for upcoming OAPA and Asia Bureau merger.
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