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Global Health Program Cycle Improvement Project (GH Pro)

Rapid assistance to improve global health outcomes.


As the largest Bureau within USAID, the Bureau for Global Health (GH) manages a robust portfolio to achieve the U.S. Government’s goals to improve global health through the prevention of child and maternal deaths; controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic; and combatting infectious diseases. To accomplish these goals, the GH Bureau requires robust, sophisticated, and high-quality technical assistance and evaluation support.


Through the $84.2 million GH Pro contract, Dexis provides ready access to high-quality technical expertise to design, support, and evaluate programs for the GH Bureau, regional bureaus, and field missions, contributing to the achievement of U.S. Government Global Health Initiative targets. Dexis provides USAID with technical services in the following areas:

Program and Project Evaluation: Dexis leads high-quality, responsive, transparent, independent, and collaborative evaluations.

Mission Support: Dexis provides short- and medium-term staff assistance and managerial and technical support to fill staffing gaps and provide surge support.

Technical Assistance: Dexis supports strategic planning, project design, and project coordination and conducts assessments and reviews.

Global Health Program and Research Management: Dexis augments USAID’s capacity in specialized fields to design, manage, and implement research and policy analysis.

Event Logistical Support: Dexis provides support to plan, organize, implement, and document meetings, conferences, workshops, and other events.

Dexis’ success on GH Pro is rooted in our ability to recruit and deploy a significant volume of high-quality international consultants creatively and effectively while maintaining a work environment that fosters collaboration, employee satisfaction, and innovation for both long-term staff and short-term consultants. GH Pro assignments include the full array of functions including recruiting, planning, budgeting, logistics, implementation, and close-out with a special focus on complex, high-profile client assignments such as multi-member evaluation teams.


In the first six months of implementation, Dexis successfully fielded personnel on over 100 assignments.

As of early 2018, GH Pro had completed more than 500 assignments across 48 countries/USAID missions, all GH Bureau offices, and three other USAID Bureaus.

These assignments included 86 complex program evaluations and assessments, designs, and strategic plans with teams of 3-18 personnel; 138 technical assistance requests across all health areas; and 282 mission support services.

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