22 Sep 2021

Conflict Sensitivity Programming: Why and How

September 22, 2021 / Erika Kirwen

As conflict continues to grow and shift in many areas around the globe, infusing conflict sensitivity in programs and organizations becomes increasingly vital.

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29 Jun 2021

Transparency in Action: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Dexis

June 29, 2021 /

In 2020, Dexis began a sustained process of reflecting on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and translating that reflection into action.

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19 May 2021

Combating Extortion: One Woman’s Fight to Make a Difference in Guatemala

May 19, 2021 / Catherine Withrow & Jiny Moreno

Under her leadership, Emma Flores has helped to create a safer, more prosperous environment for Guatemalan citizens.

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10 May 2021

Tackling Big Data: What it Takes to Raise an Algorithm

May 10, 2021 / Kelly Garman & Tamara Babiuk

Dexis brought together a team to build a machine learning system ourselves. Our goal was to learn the language of AI directly so we could better engage on more complex queries in non-English contexts.

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13 Apr 2021

The Complexities of Violence: Self-Care and Policing in El Salvador

April 13, 2021 / J. Javier Agosto

El Salvadoran police officers need instruction in self-care and trauma-informed policing, which can improve social cohesion.

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31 Mar 2021

Pandemic Preparedness: Managing Global Health Programs Worldwide

March 31, 2021 /

Global health work is complex even at the best of times. It requires getting the right experts where they are needed most and constantly evaluating interventions to learn and adapt.

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26 Feb 2021

Countering Kremlin Influence in Serbia: Finding What Works

February 26, 2021 /

How can we support Serbia in tackling its critical development challenges?

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10 Feb 2021

Building a NextGen Organization: Dexis Turns 20

February 10, 2021 / Mihir Desai

This year, Dexis is celebrating our 20th anniversary. In recognition, founder and CEO Mihir Desai shares his thoughts about the organization’s path ahead.

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27 Jan 2021

Welcome Aboard: Humanizing New Staff in a Digital World

January 27, 2021 / Mark McEuen

Remote onboarding requires a new level of intentionality to ensure that our newest colleagues are learning what they need to learn and feeling like they are part of a functioning team.

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13 Jan 2021

Mindset Shifts: Using Data-Driven Insights to Counter Disinformation in Bolivia

January 13, 2021 / Jennifer Divis

Pairing the right technical assistance with a committed, mission-driven NGO can lead to significant change.

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2 Dec 2020

Judicial Reform Inspired by the Pandemic: Online Mediation in Kosovo

December 2, 2020 / Chris Thompson

An event-forcing action shows us the answer lies not in technology or law, but in doing more with less.

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23 Nov 2020

Making it Meaningful: Getting More Women at the Peace Table

November 23, 2020 / Monica Makar

Five things to consider for your next program implementation.

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As conflict continues to grow and shift in many areas around the world, infusing conflict sensitivity in programs a……
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In 2020, Dexis began a sustained process of reflecting on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and translating t……
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