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M&E Support for Collaborative Learning and Adapting (MESCLA)


USAID/Honduras is seeking to improve the projects, strategies, and activities it undertakes through its Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) by planning, designing, conducting, disseminating, and learning from rigorous monitoring and evaluation.


Dexis’s work through the Monitoring and Evaluation Support for Collaborative Learning and Adapting (MESCLA) contract supports USAID/Honduras by designing and implementing evaluations, studies, and assessments and by providing expert analysis. In concert with improved monitoring data and learning strategies, Dexis will support the mission in enhancing its impact and sustainability by undertaking more strategic, focused, and results-oriented approaches to monitoring, evaluation, and learning.


In just over three months, the MESCLA project has established a presence in Honduras, recruited technical members for its core team, and identified individuals to be called for short-term training or evaluation assignments. Working closely with USAID, the project is undertaking the revision of the mission’s learning agenda and preparing a knowledge management assessment of USAID/Honduras as a whole.