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Learning and Knowledge Management (LEARN)


As U.S. foreign assistance evolves to meet new challenges, a clear need has arisen to foster a learning culture within the international development ecosystem so that agencies and implementing partners can create evidence-based policies and improve program management.


Dexis provides the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) with analytical and demand-based support for its collaboration, learning, and adapting (CLA) efforts through the Learning and Knowledge Management (LEARN) contract. LEARN is USAID’s flagship initiative to support capacity building within the Agency and among its partners to become more knowledge-driven and responsive to evolving development challenges.

The LEARN contract is helping USAID transform itself into an extended learning organization in order to improve its effectiveness in achieving significant development outcomes.

Dexis is helping USAID establish an extended learning culture and operational processes to enhance its mission globally.


Driven by LEARN’s commitment to “walk the talk” of CLA by adopting the tools, practices, and approaches it promotes, the team has already supported more than 11 missions and 2 offices within PPL to develop a range of CLA practices. These include:

  • Building learning and adaptive management capacity by facilitating self-assessment processes, learning clinics, and mid-term CDCS reviews, as well as providing customized coaching.
  • Promoting the use of tools for tacit knowledge capture, including After Action Reviews and exit interviews for departing staff.
  • Developing, managing, and curating knowledge-sharing platforms, resources, and processes.
  • Advocating for better development through learning and knowledge management and capturing and sharing lessons learned.


  • Provided targeted consultations to bi-lateral missions in Uganda, Kosovo, Cambodia, and Jamaica; regional missions in Asia and Southern Africa; and DC-based staff on collaborating, learning, and adapting practices and country strategy development.
  • Conducted assessment for USAID’s Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG Center) and provided suggestions on how the findings from Strategic Assessment Frameworks can be more directly applied in the planning process.
  • Creatively engaged external stakeholders by managing Learning Lab, a collaborative learning space for USAID staff and partners, and related social media accounts and redesigning, publishing, and distributing the Learning Matters newsletter.