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Global Health Program Cycle Improvement Project (GH Pro)


For more than 50 years, U.S. global health assistance has made progress in reducing maternal and child mortality, preventing and controlling disease, responding to public health crises, and improving health systems in the developing world. Most recently, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has provided life-saving treatments and is strengthening health systems globally.


Dexis and its subcontractor, The QED Group, implement USAID’s Global Health Program Cycle Improvement Project (GH Pro) to provide technical assistance to USAID operating units working on health programs around the world. GH Pro spans all foreign assistance health area objectives, as well as cross-cutting health issues such as gender, health systems strengthening, science, and technology.


GH Pro works across USAID’s health portfolio in support of its goals to create an AIDS-free generation, end preventable child and maternal deaths, and protect communities from other health threats.

GH Pro focuses on:

  • Program and project evaluation
  • Technical assistance
  • USAID mission support
  • Meetings/conference support
  • Global health program and research management

GH Pro’s support of evaluations reinforces USAID’s commitment to systematically collect and analyze evidence to improve program performance and impact. These evaluations inform decisions, improve program effectiveness, hold USAID accountable to stakeholders, and support organizational learning.


Within its first 18 months, the GH Pro team had initiated over 230 assignments in 32 countries as well as in Washington, DC. These include:

GH Pro has also made concerted efforts to increase the ratio of third-country nationals and parent-country nationals working on its assignments.