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Education Support Initiative (ESI)


Education is a key driver of economic development. Yet universal access to quality basic and higher education remains an elusive goal around the world. USAID’s Office of Education is tackling long-standing, systemic challenges that require a multi-talented, committed team.


Through ESI, Dexis employs technical, professional, operational, and support staff to execute USAID’s education strategy. Our team provides exceptional technical leadership, research, communications, and field support in basic education, higher education, youth engagement, and workforce development.

We focus on supporting USAID to implement programs that:

  • Improve reading skills in primary schools
  • Strengthen higher education and workforce development programs
  • Increase equitable access to education in crisis and conflict environments 


The ESI project is currently underway. Dexis is in the process of staffing up ESI and initiating project work.