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Center for Transformational Partnerships


Over the past decade, the global development landscape has evolved to include many new change makers, including local entrepreneurs, multinational firms, social enterprises, and private philanthropies. This shift has resulted in new partnerships that bring together the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to address key development challenges such as employment, financial inclusion, and gender disparities. 


In response to the changing environment, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is harnessing the power of multisector approaches to global development through private sector engagement, public-private partnerships, and its Global Development Alliances (GDA) model. Since 2001, USAID has formed over 1,500 alliances and mobilized over $20 billion in private funding to enhance foreign aid programs.

Dexis assists USAID’s Center for Transformational Partnerships (CTP) to build new and groundbreaking partnerships with the private sector. Dexis’ experts embedded with USAID provide the CTP team with technical support and implementation services for program strategy, communications, data and research, and learning and training. 

Dexis supports groundbreaking public-private partnerships for USAID.


Dexis assists USAID in creating new processes, messaging, and mindsets needed to successfully launch and manage partnerships. Dexis’ support to the CTP builds on the legacy of its work under USAID’s Global Development Alliances (GDA) contract. 

Strategy Development – Working closely with the CTP’s senior leadership, Dexis developed, informed, and guided the project’s overall partner engagement strategy and approach.

Communications – Dexis designed and implemented the CTP’s messaging and communications strategy for external partners, internal agency stakeholders, corporate executives, and Congress. Dexis developed messaging, created digital and print content, launched social media campaigns, prepared Agency staff for speaking engagements, and assisted in launching partnerships.

Data and Research Dexis enabled stronger monitoring and evaluation systems for CTP’s activities. The team collected, scrubbed, and analyzed data to ensure the validity of Dexis also subcontracted with Mission Measurement, a leading research firm, to measure the value of alliances.

Learning, Training, and Knowledge Management – Dexis worked closely with CTP staff to create a core set of training products that included case studies, training webinars, multiday forums, and practical guidance materials. Dexis planned and organized the annual Private Sector Engagement Forum in Washington, D.C., an intensive peer-learning opportunity for USAID headquarters- and field-based staff involved in private sector engagement. Dexis also designed and delivered an Agency-wide private-sector engagement course at USAID Missions and regional offices.



  • New alliances. Dexis’ technical services helped the Agency develop alliances with partners such as Coca-Cola, Intel, MTV Networks, Starbucks, Skoll Foundation, Volvo, and Walmart.

  • News and information about cutting-edge partnerships. Dexis and its partner, Devex, launched and expanded Devex Impact, a USAID-supported news hub dedicated to public-private partnerships for international development, and recruited members for Devex Impact’s Strategic Alliance Council, including Boeing, Exxon Mobil, KPMG, and IBM.
  • USAID staff engagement with the private sector. Dexis supported USAID’s efforts to distribute new models for private sector engagement to its headquarters- and Mission-based staff and trained USAID staff around the world, including in Armenia, Thailand, El Salvador, and Washington, D.C.
  • Partnership data more accurate and accessible. Dexis compiled and rebuilt a database that tracks over 1,500 partnerships and created region- and country-specific analysis for USAID.
  • A new entity within USAID. Dexis provided communications services in conjunction with the creation and launch of the U.S. Global Development Lab, a pioneering USAID venture to scale game-changing poverty solutions.
  • Evolving and growing USAID partnerships model. Dexis continues to serve USAID’s partnership development needs under a multiyear contract for the Center for Transformational Partnerships in the U.S. Global Development Lab.