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Dexis Seeds New Agriculture Division, Welcomes Agland

Dexis Seeds New Agriculture Division, Welcomes Agland

Dexis announces the formation of our new agriculture division and welcomes Agland Investment Services to the Dexis family.

Agriculture is a cornerstone of international development.

A healthy agricultural sector has critical impacts on development outcomes in food security; health and nutrition; and environmental sustainability. Growth in the agriculture sector has been found, on average, to be at least twice as effective in reducing poverty as growth in other sectors.  

Agriculture is also a sector in which Dexis can build on its foundation of strong technical capabilities.

In a sense, we are going back to our roots.

Dexis has a long history in business enabling environments, including agriculture-specific support. With our new agriculture division, which will be headed by Martha Van Camp, an international development professional with 13 years’ experience in agriculture and the former director of Europe and Eurasia region at Chemonics, we are deepening our commitment to agriculture—this time with improved capabilities for monitoring, socializing, and leveraging the sector for greater development impact.

Working with our new subsidiary Agland further deepens our commitment.

Founded in 1976, Agland provides agricultural expertise in developing countries and the United States. With experience working in over 30 countries with more than 200 crops and agricultural commodities, Agland has supported the growth of the wine sector in California; the development of the cut flowers industry in Colombia; and the restoration of the devastated olives and dates sector in Iraq.

Agland is currently subcontracting on USAID projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Pakistan and implementing creative smallholder projects in Uganda and Senegal in partnership with leading Dutch and American firms. Agland’s senior technical experts Bill Mott and Bill Scott are icons in the business. I am thrilled that Dexis’ new agriculture division will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with them as we build a new portfolio of agriculture projects.  

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